Navigating your Sales Forecast

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With the compounding disruptions in buying dynamics in 2023, how you manage your sales team and the forecasting will determine how productive and resilient your sales team needs to be during the economic environment pressures and a challenges. Leverage a checklist to help you organize your thinking around the core elements to fully support your…

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Bill Gates used this phrase to open his TED Talk with impact. Interestingly, the point he emphasizes — and the single common attribute of all high-performing individuals, from CEO billionaires and singers on The Voice, to Hollywood celebrities and Olympic athletes — is the best of the best have great coaches. Sales managers and reps need great…

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Top Reasons Why Deals are Stalling


The Buyer is unsure how the decision gets made Over the past several years, review and approval processes continue to be scrutinized by Procurement/Risk/Security/Governance/Compliance/Vendor Management. Instead of assuming you are working with a buyer who understands the signing authority, try asking three specific questions: 1. Who are the persons involved in making the decision? 2.…

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