Top 5 Priorities for Sales Leaders


Prepare Clear Expectations As the pandemic continues, the business impact is undeniable. It’s time to revisit, rewrite, and recast your priorities for the sales team in 1H, 2022. Everyone will have great intentions, but right now we need to have everyone sharing a singular sense of purpose for self-caring, client relationships and buyer engagement.  Deliver…

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Adjusting your Sales Forecast

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With the ongoing concerns of the COVID-19, how you manage your sales team and the forecasting will determine how productive and resilient your sales team needs to be during these turbulent times. Leverage a checklist to help you organize your thinking around the core elements to fully support your sales team, Founder and leadership team…

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Why Sales Discovery is Not only an Up-front Process


Successful sales professionals are curious by nature. They are interested in learning about their prospect’s business, their circumstances, challenges, and the situations in which they find themselves. When sales reps authentically engage with a human-to-human connection, they are much more effective than reps who only focus on presenting and pitching their solution. Engaging simply means that…

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