Helping Leaders Their Unrealized Potential


Revenue Growth & Retention

In these engagements, I help Founders, CEOs and Sales Leadership teams align around a revenue strategy that drives revenue growth while improving retention. Once the leadership team is aligned on the plan, I guide its implementation through training, advisory and quarterly impact reviews.

To learn more, email me directly at [email protected] to schedule a virtual initial chat.


Solving Real Problems: ValueSelling Framework® : How to build trust-based customer success through repeatable focus, simplicity and consistent execution.

Whether you’re an executive, founder, sales leader, or sales rep – you’ll be more effective by utilizing the ValueSelling Framework® and tools. You will learn how to engage, qualify, educate, advance and close opportunities through role plays, scenario-based exercises and building ValuePrompter® for opportunities.

  • Workshops are held on-site or virtual

Executive Speak™ : How to best prepare, communicate and build executive engagement profiles for selling to Power.
Develop your sales team’s business acumen to think like an executive, predict potential business issues, and then correlate how your unique capabilities impact the most important business issues and financial metrics.

  • 100% learn at your pace through e-learning featuring the 360° Profile Builder™, a unique tool that helps turn various information gathered into insights and automatically populates a ValuePrompter® for meetings.

To learn more, email me directly at [email protected] to schedule a virtual initial chat.


One-on-One Growth Advisory

In these monthly conversations, I help executives solve problems, understand potential risks, and provide objective, fact-based evaluation to support decision making. Serving as an objective coach providing oversight on sales strategy execution, critical thinking and leadership management.

To learn more, email me directly at [email protected] to schedule a virtual initial chat.


My clients include leadership teams funded by and other top venture investors.

  • “Even in a virtual workshop, it was easy to stay focused thanks to Tony's energy and focus.”
  • “It was great. A much needed shakeup to spark performance.”
  • “The assessment tools will be highly effective as it relates to probability of close and forecasting. The content will empower sellers to manage an effective sales cycles and stop wasting time on opportunities that are going nowhere.”
  • “The workshop was a great opportunity to learn how to apply and teach the ValueSelling framework. Tony made us feel comfortable in being vulnerable and as a management team, I really believe we've levelled up our skill set to coach and inspire a strategic sales team.”
  • “Very engaging and interactive - truly believe that many of the concepts will have a direct impact on my team's success. ”

Helping Leaders Their Unrealized Potential



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